Meet Marley, the playful pocket-sized puppy!


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Name: Marley

Breed: Yorkie mix

Weight: Approx 12 lbs.

Age: 9 months old

Marley’s ideal home: a fun home that wants to play and walk him frequently. Marley is no couch potato! He would do best in a suburban environment and not a city as he is not yet properly socialized.

Kids: 13 years or older due to his blindness in 1 eye. We do not want young children around him as they may spook him by approaching too quickly or by coming around his blindside.

Dogs: Marley is afraid of dogs but shows no aggression. He would probably benefit from living with a confident dog who will give him his space at first so he can get comfortable.

Cats: Maybe! Marley may benefit from living with a confident cat who will give him his space at first so he can get comfortable.

Crate Trained: Marley is not crate trained.

House Trained: Marley is wee-wee pad trained and is working on potty training.

Other training: Marley is a sweet boy who needs some help with socialization. He is a bit nervous at first meeting new people/animals but he is eager to become a confident boy! He needs a family who is ready to properly introduce him to the world and expose him to new things slowly so he gets over his fears.

Leash Manners: Loves to go for walks but needs help walking properly on leash

Personality: Marley initially comes off shy but warms up very quickly and will show you his belly for pets. He is sweet, good with all handling, and really enjoys being active. He is a happy boy who is looking for a family to play and love him! Marley may have some anxiety and cannot go to a home who is not home more often than not.

Health issues: Marley was born with a defect in one of his eyes and is blind in that eye. It does not bother him at all and has been checked out by a vet to confirm it does not need removal at this time.

Why did he come to WISE?: Marley came to us when his family felt they did not have the time to care for him properly.

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