Meet Sugar, the sweetest Maltese you've ever met!
BREEDMaltese Mix


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Name: Sugar

Breed: Maltese mix

Weight: Approx 8 lbs.

Age: 7 years old

Sugar’s ideal home: Sugar is an easygoing dog who would make a great addition into most homes! He had a very difficult past life and needs a family who understands this. He gets nervous when you move too quickly around him and also barks at strangers initially. Once he knows he’s safe, he’s a ball of happiness and love!

Kids: Yes, 13 years or older

Dogs: Loves ’em! He does guard his food though so he must be kept separate from other pets when eating.

Cats: Maybe! He does guard his food though so he must be kept separate from other pets when eating.

Crate Trained: No, he is fine when left alone in the house free.

House Trained: Yes, but he does have the occasional accident still and is working on it!

Other training: Sugar knows “sit!”

Leash Manners: Sugar walks well on leash and enjoys going for walks.

Personality: Sugar is a fun, playful dog who made a miraculous recovery after coming to us in horrific condition. His foster dad says, “He has really come out of his shell. He was very shy and timid at first, now is super loving and just wants to be seen and loved! He used to bark non stop when leaving the house but he has calmed down and is ok leaving alone now.” Sugar loves to play tug of war, go on walks, and hang out on the couch. He is a huge fan of his kong toy when you fill it with peanut butter!

Health issues: Although he suffered a lot of neglect and mistreatment, we do not have any immediate concerns about his health.

Why did he come to WISE?: WISE was contacted by the vet that Sugar was brought to in horrible condition. They assisted us in getting him healthy and happy and now he is available for adoption after a life of severe neglect.

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