Meet Baby Pippa, a precious gem!
BREEDCocker Spaniel/Maltese mix
HOMELIFEHousetraining in progress

Name: Baby Pippa
Breed: cocker spaniel/shih tzu mix
Weight: approx 20 lbs
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female

Home Recommendation: Since she is still a puppy, an ideal home would be with someone who is home more often than not since she loves attention. She LOVES being outside so a fenced in yard would make her very happy. Baby Pippa is initially very nervous/shy when meeting people. She will need a patient family who understands that, and will give her some time to adjust. It doesn’t take long. When she gets comfortable, she will be your new BFF.

Kids: Kids 10+ who understand she needs time to warm up and will respect her space

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes.

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: working on it.

Leash Manners: Baby Pippa walks great on a leash!

Training: Baby Pippa is very food motivated and eager to learn, she knows how to sit, and is working diligently on the rest of her commands.

Personality: Once Baby Pippa is comfortable (which doesn’t take too long) she is a RIOT. Her zoomies will have you rolling on the floor laughing. She has the best happy dance we’ve seen to date, she gets up on her hind legs and spins around waving her front feet in the air like she just don’t care! She does really enjoy toys, but equally enjoys relaxing on the couch with her people. With some patience and continuing her basic training this little girl will make the perfect family, complete.

Why did they come to Wise? At no fault of her own, Baby Pippa’s owners realized they did not have the time for a puppy that they thought they did.

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