Meet Tobias, a total gentleman!
BREEDGolden Retreiver
HOMELIFEHousetraining in progress

Name: Tobias
Breed: Golden Retriever
Weight: 51lbs
Age: 7 months old

Home Recommendation: Tobias would love an active home, who will continue training with him & give him structure.

Kids: Above the age of 6

Dogs: Tobias LOVES every dog he meets.

Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Tobias does well in his crate! It is his safe space and he sleeps in it at night and occasionally sneaks off during the day to nap in his crate!

House Trained: Tobias is working very hard on potty training! When kept on a schedule he does well.

Leash Manners: Tobias walks like a total gentleman on the leash!

Training: Tobias is very food motivated and eager to learn, he knows sit, stay, and to go his “place” (his bed)

Personality: We could all learn a thing or two from Tobias, he wakes up everyday filled to the brim with happiness and a wagging tail ready to greet whatever the day throws his way with a smile! He he overall a pretty mellow guy but loves to go on adventures. Whether its hiking, swimming, going on a morning coffee run and mooching a “puppacino” out of his favorite barista he’s up for it all. This boy REALLY loves to swim!!  He does not discriminate against any toys, they are all his FAVORITVE!! He is seemingly the perfect boy, and is working really hard on his potty training (you should see the proud/happy dance he does after he goes outside and gets told he is the best and smartest boy!!)

Why did they come to Wise? At no fault of her own Tobias was surrendered due to his family’s change in living circumstances

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