Fostering 101

Our rescue is entirely foster-based, meaning all of our dogs are placed into loving foster homes while they wait for their forever families. Without our amazing team of fosters, we could not rescue homeless dogs in need. Every dog that is fostered, and subsequently adopted, makes room for another dog to be rescued.

A Chapter in Their Life...

If you’d like to help but aren’t looking to take in a dog permanently, fostering is a great option. Typically, WISE’s fosters hold onto their foster dogs until they are adopted. Dogs can be in the rescue for a week or two or months. If you cannot commit to taking in a dog for an extended period of time, the Adoption / Foster Coordinator will work with you to create a plan

We Got You Covered

WISE provides our fosters with just about everything they could need from dog food to crates to access to their veterinary network. We will reimburse you for other items at the discretion of our Board.

The Responsibilities of a Foster Parent

As a foster parent, you are required to work on house training, crate training, socialization, and teach basic commands. This is what will help your foster dog get adopted and have a successful future. The foster parent should also keep in constant contact with our team and report the dog’s progress, problems, issues, etc. 

Most Important Requirement? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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