Lola's Crew

Seniors in Need

Lola‘s Legacy helps senior dogs who are in overcrowded shelters with severe medical issues in desperate need of rescue. These dogs have life-saving surgeries and all of the medication and expert care they need. If their medical issues are incurable, we will make sure they receive proper hospice care and that they are happy, comfortable, and loved until their passing.

Lola’s Crew

WISE fundraises to care for these special dogs for the rest of their lives. We pay for all medical treatment and supplies their amazing hospice homes need to give them the best last days.

Isabelle and Lulu

In June of 2020, we got an urgent plea that Isabelle and Lulu’s owner was dying of cancner after their first owners had also passed away. These very bonded, 12-and-13-year-old sisters were in need of a new

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