About Us

Our Rescue

Wise Animal Rescue (WISE) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of dogs of all breeds. We are comprised of a network of caring people with a grassroots approach working towards a world where no dog is neglected, abused, or homeless.

WISE rescues dogs of all ages and breeds from unsafe environments as well as those who are abandoned or surrendered. 

Partnering with veterinary practices that support our work, we are able to save dogs’ lives and restore them back to health.  

Our Mission

WISE invests time and energy into the raising of awareness, education, and advocacy on behalf of neglected, surrendered, and abandoned dogs. Included in our mission is to make the public aware of the myriad of problems resulting from backyard breeding, puppy mills, and the cruel and inhumane practice of dog baiting and dog fighting. Specifically, we are committed to advocating for and educating about dogs categorized as bully breed mixes that suffer an undeserved negative image which results in them facing unwarranted and unjust prejudice.

Our Principles


WISE is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who see this as more than just a volunteer opportunity, it’s our life. We take pride in every aspect of what we do and know that, with hard work and dedication, we can make a difference.


While saving homeless animals is our primary mission, we also believe education is at the core of everything we do. We strive to educate members of our community on the importance of adoption, spay/neuter, and vaccination. By doing so, we hope to encourage others to get involved and to also take care of their pets at the highest level possible.


The reason WISE was founded was because we care. We put our rescue work first, whether that means driving in the middle of the night to rescue a dog in need or responding to our future and past adopters promptly to answer any questions they may have. We support our adopters, foster, volunteers, and, most importantly, our dogs to the best of our ability and take pride in what we do.

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