Meet Brie, say Chi...wait, cheese?
SIZEExtra Small
HOMELIFEHousetraining in progress

Name: Brie
Breed: Chihuahua/Papillion Mix
Weight: >1lbs
Age: 11 weeks old

Home Recommendation: Brie would do best in a home where her family is home more for her as she is still a puppy and learning the ropes, and will all the attention, training and time to become her best little self! A home without small children would be in her best interest as well.

Kids: Above the age of 6

Dogs: Brie does well with smaller dogs! Big dogs are a little too scary for this little lady!

Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Brie is working hard on her crate training

House Trained: Brie is working on her housebreaking, she will continue to need training, and be on a schedule.

Leash Manners: Brie never walked on a leash before coming to Wise, so she is learning currently and will continue to need guidance in this department!

Training: Brie is very food motivated and eager to learn, she will need help learning all the ropes to being the perfect furever companion!

Personality: Brie was the runt of the litter. She loves to sprint around the room a few times and then cuddle up in a tiny ball on your lap or in your sleeve and nap. She is the least active but has small bursts of the zoomies. She is teething currently so needs some redirection help with that, as she sometimes gets confused and thinks toes are toys! and stuffed toys are her absolute favorite, she loves to chew on the, a bit and then curl up with them, and we love to watch it!  She is very, very tiny but very brave a mighty!

Why did they come to Wise? Brie came to Wise from an accidental litter, Wise is assisting the family with altering the parents and took on the pups to help find their furever homes!

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