Meet Roxy, a calm, cool, collected girl!
HOMELIFESpecial Needs

Name: Roxy
Breed: Shih Tzu
Weight: 20lbs
Age: 12 years old

Home Recommendation: A loving owner who can provide for all of Roxy’s current and future medical needs.  Due to her age, she can no longer go up steps and needs to be carried.

Medical: Roxy has a poor liver and will be on medication for the rest of her life. She receives daily eye drops to help with dry eyes. She will need a committed owner to make sure she remains comfortable in her golden years!

Kids: Above the age of 10

Dogs:  She would do well with other dogs who are also laid back. She is mostly uninterested in them but enjoys their napping company!

Cats:  Yes, Roxy is unbothered by cats.

Crate Trained: Roxy is currently not being crated and prefers to have free roam of the house

House Trained: She is mostly house trained but will have an occasional accident

Leash Manners: Roxy does not go for walks due to some difficulty walking. However she has no problem being carried!

Personality: Roxy is a calm, cool and collected girl! Nothing seems to phase her as long as she gets her naps in! She is a couch potato and spends majority of the day sleeping or cuddling next to you. She enjoys spending time outside to get fresh air and soak up your company! She loves to receive all the pets and rubs you have to offer! Roxy’s favorite time of the day is snack time! Cheese and ham are her favorites.

Why did they come to Wise? Roxy’s owner unfortunately passed away and family members contacted WISE for help. Roxy has been adjusting well and receiving the best care! She is excited to find her forever home to spend her golden years with.

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