Meet Dakota, a bouncy, playful girl!
BREEDAnatolian Shepherd/Red Heeler
HOMELIFEHousetraining in progress

Name: Dakota
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd Cattle Dog mix
Weight: Will be approximately 70-90lbs when fully grown
Age: 10 weeks old
Gender: Female

Home Recommendation: She is a very active, young puppy and needs a family who is ready to play with her all day long! She will need continued training and socialization with animals and people. Dixie would benefit from having a confident dog handler owner who can teach her the ropes and bring her out of her shell. Large dog experience required.

Kids: Would do well with kids above the age of 6

Dogs: Yes! She loves to play with all dogs.

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes, she sleeps in her crate during the night and seems to enjoy her time spent in it

House Trained: She is doing incredibly well with her house training but will have an occasional accident

Leash Manners: She walks great on a leash! Dakota loves to go on walks to explore.

Personality: Dakota is a ball of joy that livens up every room she enters! She is a bouncy, playful girl that loves to explore and spend time outside. Her favorite toys are tennis balls and she will play fetch with you all day long! In her downtime, she is content chewing a rawhide or snuggling in your lap. She is very intelligent and treat motivated.

Why did they come to Wise? Dakota and her siblings were saved from a farmer in Missouri who did not want them. He threatened he was going to shoot them if they were not taken off of his property. With the help of another rescue, they were safely brought to New Jersey and can’t wait to find their forever homes!

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