Meet Benji, a playful Goldendoodle!
AGE6 Months
HOMELIFEWorking on Housetraining

Name: Benji
Breed: Goldendoodle
Weight: Will be approximately 80-90lbs when fully grown
Age: 6 months

Home Recommendation: Benji will need an active family who will play with him all day long! He is a young pup so it is important he receives continued training and socialization with other dogs and people to help make him a well behaved gentleman as an adult!

Kids: Above the age of 10 since he is a big, playful puppy and might knock down young children.

Dogs: Yes! Benji loves other dogs and would enjoy having a playmate.

Cats: Unknown. WISE can conduct a cat test for approved adopters

Crate Trained: No, but he’s working on it!

House Trained:  No, but he’s working on it!

Leash Manners: Benji pulls out of excitement at the beginning of a walk, but settles down and does nicely.

Training: Benji will need to be taught basic puppy manners. He would thrive with a family who will provide him with structure.

Personality: Benji is a fun-loving, spirited pup who lights up every room he enters! He is very friendly and greets every person he meets with kisses and a wagging tail! He is the life of the party and there seems to never be a dull moment with Benji! This goofball loves to play and explore. However when it is time for a nap, Benji is ready to curl up next to you on the couch or in his dog bed. He is incredibly loving and sweet. This gentle giant wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Why did they come to Wise? At no fault of his own, Benji was surrendered by his owner due to a change in living circumstances

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