Meet Squirt, a playful puppy!
BREEDLab/Hound Mix
HOMELIFEworking on housetraining

Name: Squirt
Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Weight: Will be approximately 60lbs when fully grown
Age: 8 weeks old
Gender: Male

Home Recommendation: He is a young, active puppy and needs a family who is ready to socialize him with animals and people. He will also need continued training to make sure he becomes a great dog as an adult! Squirt’s dream home would be someone who lives near a body of water- this boy loves to swim!

Kids: Since he is teething, it would be best he went home with kids above the age of 6

Dogs: Yes! He loves to play with all dogs.

Cats: Yes, he is unbothered when it comes to cats.

Crate Trained: Yes, he sleeps in his crate during the night. He typically cries or wakes up when he has to go to the bathroom.

House Trained: No, but working on it!

Leash Manners: Could use some extra practice, but getting there!

Personality:  Squirt is an easy-going pup who knows how to make all your days better! He is a love bug and could cuddle with you for hours on end He is a great listener and highly trainable. He plays all day long with his foster dog siblings and would love an active home to keep him busy!

Why did they come to Wise? Squirt was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in North Carolina. He is now safe and happy in New Jersey and can’t wait to find his forever family!

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