Meet Sarge, a happy little gem of a lovebug!
BREEDAmerican Staffordshire

Name: Sarge
Breed: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Weight: 52lbs
Age: 7 months
Gender: Male

Home Recommendation: Sarge would thrive with a family who is home more often than not and has no other dogs.

Kids: Sarge does great with kids as long as they are respectful of his boundaries. Therefore, we recommend above the age of 10.

Dogs: Sarge loves other dogs but would recommend no other ones be in the home. He will happily make friends on a neutral turf!

Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Yes, he loves his crate and has no issues being in it.

House Trained: Yes! Sarge has no accidents and uses the bathroom as soon as he is let out in the yard.

Leash Manners: Sarge walks great on a leash and absolutely loves to go on walks. He will walk next to you calmly and has perfected the ‘stop and sit’ command. He is a true social butterfly and loves to say ‘Hi’ to other people and dogs we meet on our walks.

Training: Sarge is extremely smart and motivated to learn and please. He knows several obedience commands (sit, wait, lay down, paw, spin, come, roll over, leave it, fetch- he loves to play catch, sometimes even with himself) and learns new tricks quickly. He gets protective over his ‘special items’ and needs a motivated owner who will work on teaching Sarge how to share.

Personality: There really aren’t enough words to describe this lovebug. He is the happiest little gem with a tail that is always wagging a hundred miles an hour. He loves his humans and will follow you even if you’re aimlessly walking in circles, but will also relax nicely on his own for one of his many naps throughout the day. Sarge loves to cuddle and lives for belly rubs, treats and car rides! He has the most adorable, squishy face that you wont be able to resist giving a hug to each time you walk by (which he will happily sit and receive). He loves to go for car rides and tag along on all your family adventures!

Why did he come to WISE? Sarge was found as a stray when he was just a little puppy. He joined his family full of two-legged and four-legged siblings and quickly adapted to their active environment. Although he LOVES his fur siblings, he does become a little possessive at times and would thrive best in a home where he is the sole recipient of belly rubs and treats

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