Olaf loves to go for walks to explore the neighborhood!
HOMELIFESpecial Needs

Name: Olaf
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Weight: Approx 10 lbs.
Age: 3 years old
Special Needs: Olaf is completely deaf

Olaf’s ideal home: A quiet household with someone who has experience owning a deaf dog. He needs to learn proper hand signals and build up confidence around people. He will require a slow transition. He seeks comfort in cuddles, blankets, and stuffed toys. He bonds closely to one person and will become their little shadow. No apartments.

Kids: No

Dogs: Good! He befriends small dogs. He loves to play with them and show off how macho he can be.

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: Enjoys spending time in his crate, especially if there are soft blankets he can burrow in.

House Trained: No

Leash Manners: He loves to go for walks to explore the neighborhood! However, he does not love the thought of passing other people on his turf. He will need to work on this and become more comfortable with strangers.

Personality: He may be only 10 pounds, but he runs the show! He makes sure everyone is in line and if you aren’t, you will hear what Olaf has to say. His barking can last lengths of a Bruce Springsteen concert, which allows Olaf to explain why he is the real boss. Aside from this his occasional tantrums and chihuahua tendencies, he is the perfect cuddle bug and loyal companion. Nothing makes him happier than laying by your side. Once you break down Olaf’s walls, he turns into a mush who just wants all your love. He puts up a tough front because he is frightened and has never had a consistent home to teach him trust. With time, Olaf will learn about the good things in life and become more confident in himself.

Why did he come to WISE?: Olaf came to us because his family felt he was not a fit for their lifestyle and could not provide the support for Olaf’s needs.

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