Meet Oink, our adorable little old man!
AGE14 years old
HOMELIFELow Activity Household

Name: Oink
Breed: Chihuahua Terrier mix
Weight: 7lbs
Age: 14 years old

Home Recommendation: A low activity household would let this couch potato remain undisturbed for majority of the day!  No apartments unless your neighbors want a front row seat to Oink’s concerts. This little piggy likes to sing! He is an older gentleman and will need someone who can make he receives all the medical care he may need in his golden years.

Kids: Above the age of 16. Have you seen this old man? Young kids may be confused if he is a dog or gremlin. No offense, Oink.

Dogs: Yes! Other dogs bring out Oink’s spunky side. He will occasionally get playful with them or enjoys their company to nap with. He and his doggy foster siblings will sync their snores in unison. It might be the best ensemble you’ve ever heard!

Cats: Yes! Oink could care less about your feline friend.

Crate Trained: He is not using a crate and prefers to have free roam of the house.

House Trained: He is mostly house trained but will have an occasional accident as he gets settled into his routine.

Leash Manners: Oink walks perfectly on the leash! He may go at a slow pace, but he has no problem going from  point A to point B.

Personality: Yes, Oink is real and he prefers to go by ‘the man of your dreams’. Get ready to fall in love if you haven’t already! He is a professional couch potato and very mellow. He loves to snuggle in his dog bed or spend time outside. He could sunbathe for hours. He is not interested in toys and prefers to be in your company!

Medical: He has trouble seeing due to mild cataracts and he has some dementia. This does not slow him down and he will still Oink his way into your heart!

Why did they come to Wise? Oink was found as a stray and taken into an overcrowded municipal shelter. WISE rescued him and he has been thriving in a foster home ever since!

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