Meet Leila, the best sweet and loving dog!
BREEDHound mix
HOMELIFEHouse Trained

Name: Leila
Breed:  Labrador Retriever mix
Weight: 50 lbs
Age: 2 years old

Why did they come to Wise? Leila spent her whole life in Puerto Rico as a stray. She likely had multiple litters of puppies and was fed food by the locals. With the help of another rescue, Leila was able to make her journey to the United States!

Home Recommendation: Leila will need a patient owner who can socialize her with other people and dogs to help her blossom into the confident pup we know she can become!

Kids: Above the age of 12

Dogs: Good! She is friendly and docile towards them. She benefits from having another dog around to help show her the ropes!

Cats: Unknown. WISE can conduct a cat test for an approved adopter.

Crate Trained: Good, Leila does not make a peep!

House Trained: Yes! She whines when she needs to be let outside.

Leash Manners: Leila has never walked on a leash before arriving into foster care. Despite this, she is doing remarkably well! She needs some encouragement to get started, but once the walk starts, she is very well behaved on the leash. She does not pull at all and benefits from seeing her doggy sibling walk alongside her.

Training: Leila can be shy at first greeting, but once she becomes comfortable she will be your best friend in no time! She will need a patient owner who will help boost her confidence and continue to socialize her with other people.

Personality: Leila is a very sweet and loving dog! At first she was shy, but once she got comfortable with us and her surroundings she really came out of her shell. Leila is curious about people, dogs, and the environment surrounding her, and enjoys being around others. Leila is calm and docile. She LOVES being outside and soaking up the sun! She enjoys receiving pets and snuggles all day long! She is learning to like walks and explore. She is mostly a coach potato and spends majority of the day sleeping. She does have a spunky side and likes to play or run in the backyard! Leila is curious and friendly. She is a respectful lady and does not jump or bark.

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