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July 8, 2020

Just days after Tito’s Super Sweet Sixteen benefitting for our Lola’s Legacy Program, we received an email from our friends at New York City Animal Control Center—Manhattan (where Tito came from!) about a 12-year-old, severely disabled Pug.

Hendrick was found as a stray but, since he cannot walk, we assume someone abandoned him and left him for dead. We are so grateful animal control found him!

Rick, as he is now called, was in very bad shape. On top of having disc disease, he was battling pneumonia—a hard thing for even the healthiest of dogs to take on—and bladder stones. Due to his age and the fact that these conditions had been left untreated for so long, we were not sure Rick was going to make it.

After a few visits to our vets and a few more sleepless nights, Rick began making a turn for the better. His breathing improved vastly and, one morning, he decided to stand and shuffle on over to his food bowl. We were both floored and ecstatic that this sick dog had so much fight left in him!

Rick is now happily living in his forever hospice home with a human sister, doggy siblings, and even some birds! They are doing a lot of physical therapy with him and we are hoping he may become more mobile soon. In the meantime, Rick enjoys going around in his stroller for walks and playing with his new cactus toy. His absolute favorite activities are eating and snuggling with his family. We are so grateful that the support of our Lola’s Legacy Program has enabled us to bring Rick into the WISE family!

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