Just like our first Lola’s Legacy dog Tito, Larry came to us from New York City Animal Control Center—Manhattan with his four siblings.

Larry and his siblings were surrendered to the shelter when his family did not want them anymore. All were in terrible condition and have a number of different medical issues. Due to their medical and behavioral needs, we suspect they were a part of a hoarding situation.

Larry was terrified of strangers at first and spent much of his time hiding in his bed or facing the wall. It was heartbreaking to see but not as heartbreaking as his medical issues which include a grade 4/5 heart murmur, advanced heart disease, eye issues, and he was emaciated.

Even with the odds stacked against him, Larry has been able to come out of his shell and is enjoying life in his hospice home. He LOVES cheese and does an adorable dance every time the fridge opens. He’s gained the weight he needed, his eyes have cleared up with new medicine, and his heart is doing as well as it can be doing.

This 3.75 lb fighter is such an inspiration to us and we are so glad that he will be with the WISE family for the rest of his days thanks to your support of our program!

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