in memoriam

April 29, 2020

Earl was rescued from an inner-city municipal shelter after they found him as a stray tied to a fence. Don’t let that make you sad though, this happy senior found his way into our Lola’s Legacy program and is living with a wonderful hospice family!

Earl is about 10 years old and suffers from IBD but not the kind that makes him have to go to the bathroom more than other dogs. Instead, his body doesn’t absorb the nutrients from his food and therefore he was extremely underweight and his skin was in terrible shape when he came to us. Thanks to our amazing vets, Earl is now thriving and gained the weight he needs! He is also deaf but doesn’t let that stop him at all! 

Earl lives with his foster parents and frequently spends time with their grandchildren who he loves very much. He went from being extremely ill abandoned on a fence to loved, spoiled, and very happy! We are so grateful that the support of our Lola’s Legacy Program has enabled us to bring Earl into the WISE family!

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