in memoriam

July 7, 2020

Brother of our other Lola’s Legacy dog, Larry, Papi also came to us from New York City Animal Control Center—Manhattan with his siblings.

Papi and his siblings were surrendered to the shelter when his family did not want them anymore. All were in terrible condition and have a number of different medical issues. Due to their medical and behavioral needs, we suspect they were a part of a hoarding situation.

Papi unfortunately has the most severe medical issues of his siblings and has a large tumor in his arm that is spreading. While Papi doesn’t have much time left, we are so happy he is spending that time in a loving foster home with other senior dogs and a human sister to keep him comfortable and happy. Your support gives dogs like Papi the chance to receive the vet care they need for the rest of their days and we appreciate it so much!

Lola's Legacy Dogs
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