Meet Pretzel, a loveable couch potato!
AGE12 years old

Name: Pretzel
Breed: Pug
Weight: 24 lbs
Age: 12 years old

Home Recommendation: A low activity household that will allow Pretzel to spend his time in relaxation! He is a couch potato that sleeps majority of the day but wants nothing more than to be loved!

Kids: Above the age of 10

Dogs: Yes! Pretzel would do best with a dog who shares his laid back temperament. He would love to have a canine napping companion.

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: He prefers to have free roam of the house

House Trained: He is mostly house trained but may have an occasional accident

Leash Manners: Pretzel walks great on a leash! He may move at a slow pace but he looks forward to his short strolls!

Medical: We have not seen any immediate medical issues with Pretzel, but, as a senior, this can change at any given time. That being said, he will need an owner who will be able to provide for all his medical needs to make sure he is always comfortable.

Personality: Get ready for a face full of kisses from the sweetest Pug there is! Pretzel is very friendly and works his charm on everyone he meets! He never fails to make you smile with his adorable snores and snorts! His special talents include being able to fall asleep at any given time and never losing an eye staring contest.

Why did they come to Wise? Pretzel was taken in as a stray to an overcrowded municipal shelter. WISE was able to rescue him and he has been thriving in his foster home ever since!


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