Meet Petey, the cool as a cucumber Collie!
BREEDBorder Collie
HEALTHKidney Disease
HOMELIFEHouse trained


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Name: Petey

Breed: Border Collie mix

Weight: 35 lbs

Age: 8 years old

Home Recommendation: Petey would thrive with a calm, patient owner who knows when he wants to have space.

Kids: Above the age of 12

Dogs: Yes! Petey does great with all dogs.

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: No, prefers to have free range of the house.

House Trained: Yes

Leash Manners: Great! Walks nicely on the leash.

Personality: He is best described as peaceful, independent, easy going and fun! He is a couch potato and spends most of his day sun bathing. When Petey is not relaxing, he LOVES to go for walks and explore! He is ready for any adventure as long as you are there to do it with him! He enjoys going on car rides with the windows rolled down so he soak up the wind. He is true gentleman with a gentle, calm demeanor.

Medical: Petey is in the beginning stages of chronic kidney failure which is evident through his drinking and urinating patterns. He also takes medicine daily to help relieve teeth pain. He will need frequent medical care for the rest of his life.

Training: Petey can be hesitant at first with strangers but as soon as he feels comfortable he will nestle up next to them. He prefers to have his space so Petey will growl slightly to alert you he wants to be left alone. He knows commands sit, down, stop/no, and wait! He is a very smart boy and eager to please.

Why did they come to Wise? Petey was rescued from a municipal shelter where his owners surrendered him once they got a new puppy. Petey was scared and confused how his family of 8 years abandoned him. Thankfully he has been doing incredibly well since entering a loving foster home, and he is ready for his new journey of finding a forever family!


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