Meet Fergie, a 10 years young Doxie girl who is full of spunk!
BREEDDaschund Rat Terrier Mix

Name: Fergie
Breed: Dachshund Rat Terrier mix
Weight: 10lbs
Age: 8 years old

Home Recommendation:  Fergie is loving and gets along with everyone and everything! She would love to have an owner who is home more often than not so she can be by your side most of the day!

Kids: Above the age of 10

Dogs: Yes! She does well with dogs of any age.

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: She is currently not using a crate and is non-destructive when left alone.

House Trained: Yes! Fergie runs to the door if she has to go to the bathroom.

Leash Manners: She walks perfectly on the leash! She loves to go for walks to explore the neighborhood.

Training: She is very treat motivated and responds well when told no and wait.

Personality: Fergie’s ‘gotta feeling’ you will fall in love with her!! This sweetheart is a people pleaser and friendly with everyone! She grows very attached to her special person and will become their little shadow. She will cuddle in your lap any chance she gets! When you pick her up, her first instinct is to give you kisses!

Why did they come to Wise? Fergie’s previous owner was undergoing health concerns and was afraid Fergie would not get the care she deserved. Since arriving into our care, Fergie has been doing great and can’t wait to find her forever family!


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