Duke II

Meet Duke II, a sweet, kind hearted mush!
BREEDAnatolian Shepherd/Blue Heeler
HOMELIFEHousetraining in progress

Meet Duke II! A sweet, affable, kind hearted, loving mush of a puppy who would greatly bless any person or family who gave him a forever home

Name: Duke II
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Beagle/Heeler
Weight: about 20lbs and growing by the day
Age: 2.5 months
Gender: male

Duke reminds you that life is good. He is part Anatolian Shepherd and part Hound, and given his size at 2 ½ months, he will likely be a big boy (75 pounds or so) when full grown. He is a very active puppy who loves to run and play, and most likely he will continue to be a very active full-grown dog

Duke’s foster family says, ” Our family has had 265 foster puppies, and while all of them are very special, Duke and his brother Dallas, have something uniquely extra special about them. Perhaps it’s their very big hearts.”

Home Recommendation: Active family with a fenced in yard who loves to hike and go on adventures.

Kids: 6+

Dogs: yes

Cats: not known

Crate Trained: no

House Trained: working on it

Leash Manners: not known

Training: all puppies should attend classes for basic obedience so they can grow and develop into their best selves

Personality: sweet, affable, kind hearted, loving mush, but also energetic

Why did he come to WISE? Duke and his siblings were an unwanted litter born on a farm in the midwest where the owner of the farm planned to rid his property by disposing of them like he would vermin


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