Isabelle and Lulu

In June of 2020, we got an urgent plea that Isabelle and Lulu’s owner was dying of cancner after their first owners had also passed away. These very bonded, 12-and-13-year-old sisters were in need of a new home together.  

We happily took these two deserving girls into our rescue but quickly realized that Isabelle was very sick. Isabelle is in kidney failure, has gastrointestinal issues, and was emaciated. Lulu was suffering from similar weight issues but was in better health than her sister. 

Unfortunately, we are not sure how much time Isabelle has left and she is now in our hospice program, Lola’s Legacy. The rescue will give her all the best care we can for the rest of her days. These sisters love each other so much that Lulu is also a part of the program to make sure they stay together until the very end. 

Their wonderful hospice mom spoils them with kisses and love and takes care of Isabelle’s medical needs. We are so glad to be able to do this for these two girls and, with your support, can continue to help seniors and serious medical cases enjoy their last days.

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Lola's Crew

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